How Much Faster Could A Cheetah Run If a Cheetah Could Wear Dita Turf Shoes?

Shoe Warranty, Care, and Fitting Assistance
Shoe warranty

The warranty term for shoes is 30 days from the date of purchase.

When buying the shoes a receipt will be given, the receipt/buying ticket is required for all warranty claims.

Keep the shoes in a dry area (no damp bags or rooms) and keep shoes away from a heat source (do not dry on a heater.)

Wear and damage to knobbies can be lessened by only wearing turf shoes on grass or turf surfaces. As with most turf shoes, knobbies are made of a softer material than cleats and may break off occasionally, especially with aggressive playing styles that are more stressful on shoes or if worn off the pitch.

Wear and tear due to a drag move is not a production failure and will therefore not be seen as a warranty issue.

Shoe Care

It is your responsibility to dry shoes after each use. Remove the insole during drying to allow the shoe to breath for best results. If moisture remains, it can weaken the fibers and cause the shoe to tear. This is a possibility with all foam cushioned turf shoe of any brand. Removing the insole and stuffing with newspaper will help absorb excess moisture.

Tips for Selecting the Appropriate Size

Turf Shoes are meant to allow you to start, stop, and turn on-a-Dime. That being said, your feet must be prepared for the effect of inertia within your shoes.

Allow ample space for your toes.

Tips for Selecting the Appropriate Size

Selecting a Size -- It is best to try on a few sizes for the best fit as you would in a retail store. It is more cost effective to order two or more pairs of shoes at the same time to try on and then return the pair(s) that do not fit.

Dita Turf Shoes have superior grip and turning ability and are designed to provide stability for lateral movement, hold the foot firmly in place, and provide good shock absorption qualities and correct flex in the sole unit. A shoe with these qualities will decrease potential stress to the lower body and potential problems with achilles and ankles.

The inserts on all of the Ditas can be removed and replaced by a custom insert or an orthotic.

If the Shoes Do Not Fit
We ask that you use common sense while trying out shoes in your home -- please wear appropriate socks and walk only on carpet. You can exchange or return the shoes within 15 days of purchase as long as they have not been worn outside or otherwise damaged. They must also be returned in their original box (do not use the shoe box as the shipping container.) Dita does not pay for return shipping or refund shipping costs.

Please indicate the reasons for your return and include a copy of the sales receipt (if you have it) as well as your phone number. Wrap the package securely. For your protection, we recommend that you use UPS or Insured Parcel Post for shipment. This provides proof that the item was mailed if we do not receive the package. If you do not have your sales receipt, please make sure that the name and address used on the order are included in the package.

Send the package to:
Dita USA
15954 Jackson Creek Pkwy
Suite B 526
Monument, CO 80132