Paul Lewis
Honors: 2022: Colorado High School Coach of The Year - Arapahoe High School 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017: Colorado High School Coach of The Year - Palmer Ridge High School Longest Club Winning Streak In Colorado State Games History-Adult Division

As a Player: 1986–1997: USA Men National Field Hockey Team, with 98 International Test Matches 2017: FIH Masters (O-40) Indoor World Cup – Krefeld, Germany 2014: FIH Masters (O-40) World Cup – Rotterdam, Netherlands 1996: Olympic Squad Member – Atlanta 1995: Pan American Games – Mar De Plata, Argentina (Bronze Medal) 1993: Junior Pan American Games – Havana, Cuba 1989, 1990 & 1991: The Glenfiddich World Indoor Invitation – Glasgow, Scotland 1989: Junior Pan American Games – Trinidad and Tobago 1989: Inter Continental Cup (ICC) – New Jersey, USA

As a Coach: 2015: USAFH Level III Certification 2017: National Indoor Tournament (Boys Division) CRDC Undefeated Gold Medal 2015: Coached USA Men’s Junior National Team Tour - Vancouver, Canada 2015: AAU Junior Olympics – Team Black Gold Medal 2014: National Futures Championship - Team Rome Gold Medal 2012: National Futures Championship – Team Innsbrook Gold Medal 2009-2015: USAFH Regional Selector 2009-Present Assistant Coach USA Mens National Development Programs

Other: 2020-2023: Head Coach Arapahoe High School Field Hockey 2008-Present: Founder of Club Lewy Field Hockey 2008-Present: Started USAFH Futures Site 10J – Colorado Springs, Colorado 2008-2019: Head Coach Palmer Ridge High School Field Hockey 2010-Present: Started USAFH, Boys Regional Development Center (CRDC) – Colorado Springs, Colorado


Vaughn Lewis, son of Paul and Gabrielle Lewis, has been battling cancer since childhood. Vaughn's treatments include exploring new options, which are costly, but he continues to outlast doctors' life expectancy predictions. Please consider helping the Lewis Family with a monetary donation, set up through Traction Ministries, a non-profit organization, with the help of Miki Best of Dita Field Hockey USA and Denise Hadley of Full30Fit Fitness Center, Monument CO, and Traction Ministries. The Lewis family receives all of the funds donated.

In the midst of our athlete community, we are honored to be able to rally around the Lewis family as they navigate an incredibly challenging journey. Their son, not only an athlete, but also a courageous fighter facing cancer, inspires us all with his resilience and spirit.

As a ministry that values the bond between athletes and faith, we extend our heartfelt support to the Lewis family during this difficult time. Together, let's surround them with prayers, encouragement, and the unwavering love that defines our community.

Our commitment to being more than just spectators extends to moments like these. Traction Ministries stands united with the Lewis family, offering strength, solace, and the assurance that they are not alone in their battle. May the road to recovery be paved with the collective love and support of our Traction Ministries family, and all who know the Lewis family.

Any funding that comes through must note in the memo: LEWIS FAMILY.

Venmo is Traction Ministries, QR code / Link below.

Check to Traction Ministries can be mailed to 8765 Wranglers Way Colorado Springs, CO 80908 ACH or wire transfers may also be set me at 703-405-1695 to set that up on case by case basis

In faith and solidarity,

Mark Hadley Traction Ministries, 501c3

About Traction Ministries: Welcome to Traction Ministries, where love meets action on and off the track! Our purpose is rooted in the dynamic world of motocross, recognizing the unique blend of adrenaline, passion, and community that defines this sport. At Traction Ministries, we're not just spectators; we're active participants in the journey of athletes who embrace the thrill of dirt bikes and the steadfast love of Jesus.

Our focus extends beyond the track, encompassing prayer support for motocross events. We believe in the power of prayer to uplift and guide riders, creating an atmosphere where faith intersects with the roar of engines. But that's not all – we're dedicated to helping young enthusiasts by fundraising to send them to motocross camps, where the exhilaration of dirt biking is complemented by the teachings of Christ.

Traction Ministries goes beyond the realm of motocross, standing as a pillar of support for athletes across various disciplines. Whether it's on two wheels, four wheels, or any sporting arena, we're here to celebrate victories, share in the challenges, and embody the love of Christ.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to those who have faced setbacks on the track. We come alongside wounded riders and their families, providing not just physical support but also the comforting embrace of a community that cares. Sending get well baskets and offering period-specific prayer support, we aim to be a source of strength during times of recovery.

Join us at Traction Ministries, where the synergy of sports and spirituality creates a space for love in action, forging lasting connections that transcend the boundaries of the track.